Finance Management Consulting

The ultimate public sector CFO ally, support and mentor Often times the daily demands on the CFO’s time, approving memos, procurement, bid committee meetings, budgets, management report and board paper preparation and attending meetings makes it impossible for them to focus on fixing lacking controls and understanding audit finding root causes, let alone timeously deal with them and finding lasting solutions and internal controls to ensure that these are resolved once and for all.

This is where I come in, I am an ex- public sector CFO, I am providing a service/ support that I wished I had had. I am not a consultancy, pointing out what is wrong and thinking up flimsy unimplementable textbook ideologies and solutions. I come in and partner with the CFO, become part of your team, obtaining understanding of the business, audit finding root causes, fix and strengthen weak controls.

I become the CFO’s other eye, that ensures that the CFO’s reach is longer that his/her arm. I assist them to focus on what matters in order to ensure sustainable strong controls that support a PFMA compliant environment and clean annual financial statement the support the CFO focusing on those GRAP standards that are applicable to your entity and elevating the CFO’s office critical success factors.