What can be measured can be managed

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We assist the organisation in establishing and implementing effective ethics management programmes and intervention.

Ethics Management Consulting

Ethics are the main pivots over which the businesses now revolve.

Governance - Boardroom agility

Get that independent expert opinion Do we have an effective company secretary?

Finance Management Consulting

The ultimate public sector CFO ally, support and mentor Often times the daily demands on the CFO’s time, approving memos, procurement, bid committee meetings, budgets etc.

Why we exist

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We exist to assist and advise organisation in establishing a clearly defined ethics governance structure and ethics management function that will ensure that an ethical organisational culture is established and sustained. Enhance ethical leadership and ethical decision making.

Ethics Management plan

Develop your organisations ethics management plan per strategic focus area, with SMART objectives and outcomes.

Complete and Accurate Accounting

Record keeping, Review of your month end procedures Journal entry processing and approvals. HR’s leave records? Accurate leave accrual balance.

Boards performance assessments

Measuring board performance on ethical and effective leadership.

Public Speaker, Facilitator, Emcee and MC

Organisations - The ethic subject matter expert Clean audit matters Conferences -Governance and Ethics subject matter expert.

Voice Over artist

For your voice over solutions Corporate Voice Training Material Audio Books Soft sell.

Glorious Designs

On a rather glamorous not...unleashing the artistic flair in me…and my love of beautiful things and spaces.

Glorious Designs

On a rather glamorous not…unleashing the artistic flair in me…and my love of beautiful things and spaces…. Enjoy a Phetsile owned Glorious Designs. We make exclusive lampshades…her signature trade is the classic and timeless feather touch in her lampshades. Her affordable customised candles with touches of feather are a classic and timeless corporate and personal gifting idea. Manufacture on order and price on request

The Ethics Platform exists to provide organisations with solutions to answer these questions.

If management is not saying anything in setting the tone, some other narrative is being branded and set as the tone.