i. My Flagship programme: Mission – Sustainable Clean Audit A 2 days Bespoke workshop programmes
i. Brief understanding the entity’s finance environment, internal control deficiency and overview of internal and external audit management report ii. Develop a bespoke programme: Two Sessions for: a. The finance and SCM teams b. The Management Team (with finance managers in attendance) Why you got the audit finding/ high level root analysis What are internal controls: It’s a full circle, you are an integral part of it The compliance factor – Watch out the new AG’s teeth…personal liability Performance reporting and financial reporting: It’s is the same thing! Unauthorised expenditure – Really now…You can’t use what you don’t have. The use of variance reporting, variance explanations and forecasting to mitigate this Irregular expenditure? Don’t be lazy now…stream line the SCM process, whist ticking every box of the SCM treasury regulations and guidelines. Fruitless and wasteful expenditure – You have been reckless!.…If you were negligent then is coming off your pocket.